Many parents have the misconception that their children are too young to learn the meaning of moral values and how it affects one’s life. Children are never too young to understand moral concepts and understand the difference between right and wrong. If you are raising a toddler, it is time you start teaching them some life lessons in a language simple enough for them to understand.

  1. Love: love is the biggest emotion your child will experience while growing up. Expression of love and happy emotions is necessary so that they can be generous with their affections. An environment where they sees their parents always loving and being affectionate towards one another, will definitely develop their heart into sharing love too. Feel free to tell your child how much you love them. It makes them feel special and also teaches them that it is an act of generosity to say ‘I love you’ to one another.
  2. Honesty: it is necessary for you to teach the value of honesty and its worth by explaining why it is important to be honest & the consequences of being dishonest. If you find your child being dishonest, instead of punishing them, make them understand that being truthful is a better option than lying. If your child develops the habit of lying, their actions may lead to severe consequences. So make sure you can teach these small lessons to your child who will attain positivity in their mind rather than reflecting negativity and acting rebelliously.
  3. Justice: Teach your child to be just in their actions and to always walk the path of Truth. Teach them to weigh their judgements justly and to do the right thing always. This moral value is more essential than any other because it reflects the true character of your children and how they can commit to their conscience by doing justifiable actions.
  4. Willpower: Parents play a major role in developing a child’s character. In this case, a child’s willpower is developed by their parents. The act of encouragement while they are working on something such as studies is a necessity. The true indication of power and will to do something comes from the encouragement that he gets from their loved ones. The words ‘you can do it’ and ‘I am so proud of you’, affect a child’s mind greatly.
  5. It is OKAY to lose: in this highly competitive market, one needs to realize that it is completely okay to lose. Not everyone becomes a winner and it is a stepping stone to success. What is important is that you tried your best and it is alright to fail. Teach them that when they fall they should get back up again, dust themselves and try again.
  6. Be kind: Being kind and compassionate is another trait a child should develop at an early age. The act of sympathizing & empathizing is an act of power and not weakness. The superiority lies in being kind to others and not disrespect those who do not have the same privileges like you do. So make sure your child is kind hearted and is considerate about others.