Summer is fast approaching and this time of the year it’s going to be worse. Looking stylish and being comfortable are two different things but this article might help you maintain a balance between the both. Short haircuts with perfectly trimmed beard are always a good combination. Here, we have a list of some of the best hairstyles which will make you look stylish and fresh all season long.

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  • Skin fade with sponge curls

Undercuts with fade cut hair short around the neck. Longer on the top with nearly a flat top still looks stylish.

  • Short slick back

This style is shaved around the sides, short at the back and long enough at the front to slick back can help beat the heat and stay stylish.

  • Pomp skin fade

This cool hairstyle is styled with Layrite or Suavecito for hold which stays put for long making it look great and stable for a longer time.

  • Textured Crop

A high skin fade cut which makes you look cool and beat the heat easily in the hot season. Thick hair at the top with a short cut at the sides adds shape and keeps cuts out weight.

  • Faux Hawk and Tapper

Faux Hawk is the style which never goes out of fashion. It is better for summer with a high or low fade.

  • Low fade with Combover

This hairstyle looks great and is easy to style. Just work around the hair and comb it over. The low fade raises the hairline for a fresh finish.

  • Side part haircut

This haircut is a classic upgrade to the traditional men haircut. Slick volume at the top with some product will make it stay put no matter what you are doing.

  • Side pomp with undercut

It is not necessary for the hairstyle to be short always. Long hair at the top with shaved sides will look great on anyone with a little product.

  • Faded wave

Heat and humidity might bring out textures in hair such as waves and curls. It is always easier to go with the flow. Ask your barber to adjust your hair for this type.

  • Short pomp with Undercut

Speed up your morning with this cool short hairstyle for the season. From the front, there is plenty of hair and it is kept short from every other angle.