Bill Cosby, America based, 78 year old stand up comedian, actor and activist sworn saying that he had paid women after sex, so that these illegal affairs would not be known to his wife. He even said that he had skills to understand signs or signals for sexual  act.

After getting a copy of the transcript from Bill Cosby, New York Times paper reported this on Saturday 18th July 2015. Cosby gave in a law suit filed by former Temple University employee who alleged that Cosby drugged and molested her. As per the extract from the deposition and acquired by Associated Press, Comedian Cosby admitted that he got Quaaludes, a depressant, that act  both as sedative and as hypnotic, and gave to those young women with whom he wanted to indulge in sexual activities.

As per the Times report statement, Bill Cosby told lawyers of Andrea Constand, who brought the case against him, that he  was a reader of peoples mind and also capable of reading their sexual desires and feelings. Cosby further stated that he offered to pay for Andrea’s education and also paid another woman he met in 1976. Corby’s said that he had settled the amount to a women he had sex with, by his agent, so that his wife would not be able to find out.

It was also clear that Andrea Constand didn’t attempt to get any money from Cosby, the comedian told that his wife would have known that he was helping a woman in education. Cosby also refuted charges made by many women that he had assaulted them sexually and further said that he had never been charged.

Deposition stated that Cosby was an emotional and charming personality. Cosby suggested that he was skilled in understanding the inner feelings of women. Married in the year 1964, Cosby said that his relationship with Andrea started in the 2000’s and he even invited Andrea Constand to his house and took part in conversation regarding her family and education.

Constand said that, their relationship continued for many years until Cosby drugged and molested her in his Pennysylvania house. Comedian during deposition told that Andrea was a liar. Although Cosby presented himself sensitive to Constand, he told her lawyer that, Andrea was a liar because he was present when Constand cried during her deposition. It was also said that the Associated Press Does not publish the names of women who had been subjected to sexual assault, unless the women agree to have their names to get published.