People all over the world always dream for their happiness and well being. Since people are never sure of dreams becoming reality, atleast through dreaming people tend to get satisfaction to some extent. But people’s dreams and wishes also come true to some extent. One such wish came true recently and it happened in San Diego, USA .

San Diego based couple, Jeanette aged 96 and Alexander Toczko aged 95, loved so much and hated being separated even in their deaths.The couple even told about their wish to their children that they would like to die together in each other’s arms. It happened one day and the couples wish got fulfilled.

The couple knew each other ever since they were 8 years of age. The couples daughter, Aimee Toczko-Cushman, told that her dad carried a wallet with a picture of her mother in her Holy Communion Outfit.Toczkos children told that their parents was a life- long love affair, and both their hearts always beat in unison as single beat. The couple got themselves marred in 1940, after being in love for long time .

Alexander worked in the navy as telegraph operator. Then he shifted his family and worked in New York  City in advertising  and after travelling  the world, the couple finally got settled in  San Diego in the early part of 1970s. Jeanette got employed as stylist and the couple later set up an advertising and photography firm together.  Daughter also spoke about her father’s passion for the game golf.

At Balboa Golf Course, Alexander played golf every day and it continued till recently. Daughter said that her dad would have fallen and broken his hip thereby causing great discomfort leading to bad health afterwards. She spoke about her mother saying that her mom  remembered June 29th so well, as on that day the couple would be celebrating their their 75th wedding anniversary.

The family felt privacy needed for the old couple and even left the couple so that they both could share some final moment’s together.The nurse, who was attending the couple, told that it was incredible to see the couple taking last breaths together.

The old man died in the arms of his wife and wife recollected her husband’s wish of passing away in her arms. After 24 hours, Jeanette also died to join her husband.  In the Miramar National Cemetry, the couple who were so fond of each other and loved each other so much were buried together.

The couple had left behind five children, ten grand children and six great-grand children.