We men seem to be living on borrowed time as scientist’s claim that the male of the species is heading for extinction and the bad news is that the process may have already started. There may come a time when men may no longer exist on Earth.

It looks like women will win the battle of the sexes as the inherent fragility of the male ‘Y’ sex chromosome, means that men are sliding towards extinction.

The female, or X, chromosome, contains a healthy 1,000 or so genes and the Female has two X chromosomes.  Both men (with an X and Y chromosome) and women (who have two Xs) had an identical number of genes, around 1000+ when the humans first evolved from apes. However, over time, the genes in the Y chromosome dwindled to less than hundred.

In contrast, the X chromosome has survived with little damage. Thus the two X chromosomes in the female can help out each other to make repairs, whereas it is far more difficult for the male human system to correct genetic faults and prevent decay. So at this rate, the Y chromosome will run out of genes in about five million years or so. Among the genes that are slowly eroding is the SRY gene, which determines a person’s sex.

Going by what the studies show, it certainly looks like the end of men in a very distant future. Hey Ladies! Your life will be boring without us. Guy’s, don’t panic just yet as we still have 5 million years as men so bring out the Beers and let’s party!