Astronomers have discovered a very rare triple-star system with a gas giant planet four times the mass of Jupiter.

Researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics in US found what was once thought to be a single star was actually a pair of stars orbiting one another, and part of the triple-star system instead.

The primary star is like our Sun, weighing 1.06 solar masses.  The other two stars form a tightly bound pair, which is separated from the primary by approximately the Sun-Saturn distance.

The planet experiences constant daylight & enjoy triple sunrises and sunsets each day, depending on the seasons, This Planets orbit takes 550 Earth years which is much more than the orbit of Pluto. Just imagine living on such a planet……
The planet has been named HD 131399Ab, and it is located about 340 light years from Earth in the constellation Centaurus.

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