When it comes to chivalry, it is not only about showing respect towards women, this is one aspect of your behavior which would separate you from the “boys”. Chivalry is one quality which exhibits different qualities like honor, courage, loyalty and maturity. When it comes to being chivalrous with women it doesn’t cost you much.

It is all about being decent, polite and well behaved. All these aspects put together makes you chivalrous. In the following section, you will be offered few simple tips which you might find handy when it comes to being chivalrous with women. These are some of the basic behavioral traits.

Being Chivalrous with Women

Here are few tips which would help you be chivalrous with women.

· Open the Door: When a woman is entering or exiting a building or a car, being a man, you must open the door for her. This is a gesture of being respectful and it shows that you have the manners to treat a woman with respect

· Get her a Chair: When you walked into a restaurant or any other place, make sure the lady with you has a chair to sit on. It is highly disrespectful to be seated without offering your companion a seat. At first, you must make sure that she is comfortably placed

· Ask for a Date: If she is a special lady in your life, you can ask her for a date. Be polite and gentle while asking for one. You must give the impression of being gentle, sober and decent. Don’t tray and force the issue. If she refuses, don’t make the mistake of nagging her. You need to know that women are driven by frequent mood swings. Maybe she wasn’t at the best of her moods at that point of time. Allow her some time and ask her again.

· Order First: When you are at a restaurant with a lady, allow her to order first. This would make her feel that she is in command. If you have something else to order, you may do so once she is done

· Offer to help: Offer to help her carry groceries, help around the house, offer to pick her up or drop her off, in short just be helpful.

· Be Attentive: Pay attention towards her. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted while she is talking with you. Make her feel that she is important to you and she has your full attention. This also goes to show that you are caring towards her

· Don’t Let her Pay: When you are out in a date, don’t let her pay the bill. Remember, it was you who asked for a date. Therefore, she is your guest and it is your responsibility to meet the expenses for the evening

· Be Nice to her: Don’t be rude to her. It won’t cost you anything to be nice and polite. Women love affection.

These are some of the tips which can be applied generally. However, different individuals have their own likes and dislikes. If you know that person for a considerable period of time, you should be aware of her nature.