Yes, you did manage to get her to say yes for a date with you but now what next? Have you ever been on a date before or is this your first time?  Has your previous date been a disaster or are you nervous of screwing up your upcoming date? Are you unsure on the right approach to make your date a success thereby getting a second date? Don’t listen to that friend of yours who brags of dating women by the dozen. If you do then you have only yourself to blame. To help you with your dating problems here are 10 Life Saving Dating Tips to help you win the race.

1. First impression is the last impression

Your ripped jeans may be lucky for you, but remember, this will be the first impression your date gets of you. A Woman likes to see a well dressed guy which tells her just how important this date is to him. It does not mean that you have to dress only in formals or with a blazer but the very act of looking clean and tidy adds points to your dating scorecard. Make sure you smell good and not like a gent’s toilet or rotten fish. Just get this right and you have a great start already.

2. Mind your Manners

This is the most important part as bad manners is an instant turnoff and definitely the best way to sabotage your date and end it quickly. Chances are that she may even try avoiding you from the moment the date has ended. Mind your P’s & Q’s and be respectful not only to her but also to the Cab driver, Bus conductor, Watchman or the Waiter. Women watch how you behave with others as that reflects your true personality and women are good judge of that. In fact mind your manners even if no one is around to watch you.

3. Plan your date well

Have an answer for when and where the date will be. Try to pick a location that’s comfortable for her and great for conversation. While movie dates are popular, they’re not great for first dates as you’ll both be staring at a screen throughout. Women like it when guys have a plan for the date as that shows just how interested he is. For heaven’s sake please don’t invite your friends along as a third wheel as it will show that you are not confident enough and need cheerleaders to make your date a success. If she brings her friend along then that is a different story. Impress her friend well and the next date will definitely be between you and your girl. Whatever and where ever you plan your date make sure it is safe and that she feels safe.

4. Turn off your phone

That is it. That is the Tip! Turn off your bloody phone or at least put it on silent. With the number of Whatsapp groups and other messenger sites we have active on our Smartphones, constant pinging is a big irritant. Your messages and calls can wait but your date wont. So choose wisely and live to see another date.

5. Be attentive & confident

Pay attention to what she is saying and do not get distracted by the pretty face at the corner table. Be confident while chatting with her without fidgeting, tapping your legs or constantly looking at your watch, your phone or the mirror next to you. This gives the feeling that you are easily distracted, low on confidence or in a hurry to finish the date. She will do exactly that – Finish the Date!

6. Be chivalrous

Every woman loves a chivalrous guy unless she is a Feminist (Take it as a joke, women!) Getting her flowers (Though a rose is fine if facing a cash crunch), opening the door for her, letting her sit down first, allowing her to go first, letting her have the last slice of the pizza (It can even be that last Panipuri), all are things that women like and secretly add bonus points to your scorecard. Offer to pay the bill but if she keeps insisting on paying her part then please go Dutch but insist on paying the next time you meet. If she agrees then you better forward this article to all the guys on your friend’s list as she has agreed to a second date, my dear friend.

7. Compliment her

Ok, the secret here is that ‘She always looks beautiful’, fullstop! Do not be over smart and venture any further than that unless probed further. Have ready a list of synonyms for the words beautiful, lovely & stunning and you will just breeze past this part. Just do her and yourself a favour and mean it when you say it. Women can tell when you are not honest in your compliments.

8. Don’t talk about ex-relationships

Best to avoid this unless she touches on the topic. Never insult or talk bad about your EX as it will reflect your inferior mentality and she will be sure of being on the receiving end if she ever becomes your EX someday. Talk a bit on the EX subject and steer the conversation to some common topic of interest. If she talks about her EX then just shut up and listen and do not give your two paise worth of opinions, suggestions or solutions. Just let her talk and again gently steer the conversation to something less painful for her.

9. Reign in your wandering eye

If you suffer from an extreme case of wandering eyes then this date may only work if you go underwater diving. Women notice your wandering eyes and have an eye on you even when she is powdering her nose or looking at the menu. She has a third hidden eye with advanced motion sensors that detects your eye movements the moment they start to wander to those slender legs across the table or the ample cleavage at the next table. She notices everything so it’s best you wear your blinkers and have your eyes for your lovely lady only.

10. Follow-up for the next date

Do not follow your stupid stud friends advice of waiting for 2 – 3 days after the date to call or message her. After your date makes sure to drop her a message letting her know that you enjoyed the date and really enjoyed her company and would love to meet up again. If you read and followed all the above 9 points to the ‘T’ then you will probably receive a Smiley with a message telling you that she enjoyed too and a ‘Sure’ to your Let’s meet up the again text.

Share these tips with your friends and comment below on how your date went. If you have more tips that will help all us guys then please Comment Comment Comment and share your knowledge. Cheers!