We all have seen the odd deformed cow with extra limbs on their backs that are used by their owners to exhibit and earn money. We also have seen some of these cows being worshipped as a devine sign or an avatar of god. But this deformity is not limited to just cows you come across in India. There are a whole lot of wildlife & domesticated animals out there that are born deformed and mutated due to Gene mutation. You may have seen or read about them on the television or newspaper but never knew to what extent nature went out of control. Some of these animals are deformed due to Water / air toxicity/ toxic pollution / Nuclear Radiation leaks / Industrial pollution that are caused by humans. Here are some pics of these Animal mutants:

A Deformed Lamb with 7 Limbs in New Zealand

A Deformed Duck With 4 Feet

A One Eyed Baby Albino Monkey

A Conjoined Baby Aligator

A Two Mouthed Deformed Fish

A Two Necked Snake

A Two Headed Tortoise

A Conjoined Twin Tortoise

A Six Legged Frog