Who doesn’t like a good chilled beer on a hot summer day? Unless you are a teetotaler or dislike beer, who wouldn’t like to taste all kinds of beer available locally, across the country or internationally?

Here are 40 different beers from across India which you must definitely try. There may be some commonly available beers such as Kingfisher which you get everywhere, but there are some beers you only get in certain places and few that are brewed for local consumption. Though UB Group produces most of the beers we have heard or drank, Beers from North East are large in numbers on this list.

The places mentioned in brackets show where the beers are made and by whom the beers are made.

1. Tiger Chakra Beer (Punjab)

2. Cox 10000 (New Delhi)

3. Jaipur Lager (Jaipur)

4. Lion Beer (Sri Lanka)

5. Godfather Super strong Beer (Jammu & Rajasthan)

6. Golden Eagle beer (Chennai)

7. Kalyani Black Label Beer (UB Group)

8. Khajuraho Beer (Aurangabad)

9. Belo Beer (Impala)

10. Bell Bird Premium Strong Beer (Daman)

11. Sandpiper Premium Beer (UB Group Gurgaon)

12. ThunderBolt Premium Super Strong Beer  (Molson Coors Delhi)

13. Maharaja Premium India Pilsner (Navi Mumbai)

14. Old Monk 10000 (Mohan Meakin Group Ghaziabad)

15. Flying Horse Royal Lager Beer (UB Group Bangalore)

16. Guru Special Premium Lager Beer (UB Group Gurgaon)

17. Bullet Beer (UB Group Rajasthan)

18. Haywards Beer 5000/10000 (Sabmiller)

19. Cannon Beer 5000/10000 (Arlem Group Aurangabad)

20. Charger Extra Strong Beer  (UB Group Gurgaon)

21. Zingaro Super Strong Premium Beer (UB Group Haryana)

22. Vasco Super Strong Beer  (Regent Beers & Wines Madhya Pradesh)

23. Kings Beer  (Regent Beers & Wines Madhya Pradesh)

24. Cobra Beer (Patna, Bihar)

25. Knockout Beer (SabMiller Bangalore)

26. Royal Challenge (SabMiller Bangalore)

27. Taj Mahal Premium Lager Beer (UB Group Bangalore)

28. Gateway India Pale Ale (Gateway Brewing Co. Dombivili)

29. Hit Beer (Yuksom Breweries Sikkim)

30. Dansberg Blue Beer  (Yuksom Breweries Sikkim)

31. India Special Beer (Yuksom Breweries Sikkim)

32. Wave Premium Strong Beer (Wave Distilleries & Breweries Ltd  Aligarh, UP)

33. Bira 91 Craft Beer (Cerana Beverages New Delhi)

34. Denzong 9000 Strong Beer (Owned by Actor Danny Denzongpa Sikkim)

35. Yeti Special Export Lager Beer (Yuksom Breweries Sikkim)

36. Jhoom India Premium Lager (Yuksom Breweries Sikkim)

37. Jungle King Strong Beer (Yuksom Breweries Sikkim)

38. He Man Super strong Beer (Yuksom Breweries Sikkim)

39. Hercules Extra Premium Beer (Khoday Group Bangalore)

40. Duncan 10000 Super Strong Beer (Sikkim breweries)

There are many beers that you may recognize from this list but there will certainly be some you have never heard off. Comment and tell us which beers you have not tried yet.