Losing weight has become a very difficult task in this world of fast-food. People are usually very busy with their life and work, that they do not have time, even to eat Healthily. Thus, the task of exercise and weight loss is very far and hard for them.
However, here are the 5 best ways that will help us to lose weight, without any physical activity and exercises:

Green tea is one of the best anti-oxidants that help us to digest food properly. It does not contain any calories, if taken without any additives like sugar or honey. In fact it helps to shed the extra calories, and decrease our cholesterol level.   Just one cup of Green tea helps us lose upto 20 calories.. That means, if we take 3-4 cups of green tea, we can lose upto 60 to 80 calories and in this way green tea helps us to maintain our weight, without any physical activity. In addition to the calorie loss, Green tea also increases our immunity and makes us feels active all day long.

The humble cucumber is rich in water constituting as much as 95 percent of it. The cucumber keeps our body rehydrated is an ideal food for people who want to lose weight. Consuming cucumber on a daily basis helps reduce cholesterol and lose weight by reducing calorie consumption. As an added benefit, the cucumber works as an effective medicine for patients with diabetes and blood pressure

Lemons are one of the great sources of citric acid, calcium and potassium that our body requires every day. We usually enjoy a refreshing cold lemon drink during summers; but a glass of warm lemon water is also very helpful for our body and mind.It helps in digestion and to flush out the toxins leading to the loss of extra body weight. Taking warm lemon water the first thing in the morning, helps us to lose weight and burn calories.

Going out for shopping or for an outing usually ends up with the consumption of unhealthy food that in turn translates to high calorie intake. Outside foods are usually cooked with cheap oil and contain high level of salt and bad fat which are not healthy for the body. To avoid the junk food trap and the resultant temptation, it is best to eat at home before going out. Eating before going out will leave us with the sense of fullness and purge the desire to eat outside.

One of the greatest disadvantages of urban living is the inability to adhere to meal timings. It is not only important to adhere to fixed meal timings but also to expand it to six meals in a day. Eating small meals every 2 – 3 hours of our waking time will keep us satiated and help us cut down on unhealthy and binge eating.

6. Stop all sweetened drinks
Stop drinking all the flavored and sweetened drinks. They contain huge amounts of sugar and with each helping of the drinks you pile up the calories that will eventually get stored as fat. Stop drinking them altogether and notice the difference within just a week.
By following these 5 simple ways, we can lose the extra pounds and look fit and beautiful. But at the end of the day it is only if we combine these simple ways with exercising that we get the full benefit of weight loss.