No, this is no Sci-fi movie of Earth 2030 but of the year 2016 itself and that too in technically advanced China. This was just a crazy dream that was brought to reality by the Chinese.

Known as the ‘Straddling Bus’, this elevated transport allows cars to pass through it as it slowly moves on the road. A lot of road space is saved as there is no bulky buses hogging the roads and causing traffic jams. Since the bus chassis and passenger seating is almost 2 meters high with only the wheels on ground level, it allows for cars to drive right through them without obstructing the way.

Environmentally friendly, this elevated bus runs on electricity unlike their predecessors that were fuel guzzlers and heavy air polluters. This has caused great excitement in China as well as world over as lesser pollution means better health & living.

This 21 meter long Elevated bus can reach speeds of 60kmph and can seat 300 passengers. They run on rails laid on top of roads kind of like tracks. What’s more, four such elevated buses called Transit Elevated Buses can be linked together allowing 1200 passengers to travel across busy roads and can replace 40 conventional buses thus easing traffic.

The project’s chief engineer, Song Youzhou, told state-media agency Xinhua earlier this year, “The biggest advantage is that the bus will save lots of road space,”

Though this Transit Elevated Bus is only in the trial stage, actual rollout can be expected within a year. Do you see this happening in your city anytime in the near future?