Before you dismiss this article as a fake / false and a figment of the author’s imagination, please have a read through and Google / Bing the story to check authenticity.

Baby Arron was born in 2013 to Emma Murray from Lanarkshire, Scotland. Doctors told her that her son was born with an abnormality and would only live for Three Minutes, Three Hours or at the most Three Days. Doctors told Emma that baby Arron had a rare Health condition called Holoprosencephaly which would render him incompatible with life.

Baby Arron was born with only a Brain Stem and not the whole brain (see main article original pic). Human brains have two hemispheres, the left and the right that allows us functions of senses, actions, thoughts & memories, speech, movement and all that is required to live a normal life.

In Arrons case, the embryo’s forebrain did not divide to form the two hemispheres thus causing defects in face development, brain structure and function. Arron was born with only a brain stem and that would allow him to only breathe and move while rendering all other functions incapable.

The doctors told her that if any other organs of Arron had failed to grow then they would have been able to do something, but they couldn’t do anything for this condition of his.

Emma was advised to call her close relatives to see the child before he passed away to say their last goodbyes. The hospital also arranged for Baby Arron to be baptized. She was told that he was sure to die soon. Emma was heartbroken and uncontrollable and stared helplessly, rubbing his little hands as the doctors had given up hope. As far as the doctors were concerned he was at deaths door.

Then the Miracle happened, He survived 3 minutes, he survived 3 hours, and to the doctors amazement his condition was improving within hours and he was able to breathe without any external aid.

The doctors explained that Aaron’s brain stem had developed, so he had limited functions. His internal organs worked and he could breathe, see and hear. It seemed like a miracle.

Days turned into weeks and he was transferred to another hospital in Glasgow. Eight weeks later he took everyone including the medical world by surprise by remaining alive and being healthy enough to go home. Baby Arron just proved to be one spirited fighter.

It is 3 years now and he is alive, healthy and amazed everyone including his mom when at the age of two he defied all odds and called out to his mother. That was the most defining day that brought tears in his mother eyes and joy & happiness in everyone’s heart and a heartfelt thanks to god on everyone’s lips.

Emma said that Arron was lying on his back on the carpet while she was leaning over him clapping her hands, and saying ‘Mummy’ to him over and over again,. He was giggling, and then he suddenly said ‘Mummy’. He had literally copied what Emma was saying. She just stared at him in shock, and then just burst into tears. It was such an emotional moment for Emma and her Mother who was sitting nearby watching.

Emma was told that baby Aaron would only have the mental age of a new born but he seems to be much more aware that that.

Emma said, “Every moment we have with him is precious. When he was first born I was told to make a memory box, full of all his things that I could treasure after he passed away. But now I don’t put anything in it and I don’t focus on any sad things that might happen in the future. I never thought I would ever hear him say anything at all and I burst into tears when he said ‘mummy.’ It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in my whole life.”

Baby Aaron has an elder brother who loves him crazy and rolls around and plays, laughs and sings to him

The doctors now say that this condition is extremely rare and it’s a miracle that Aaron has gone beyond any of the doctors expectations.

It was because of his brain stem that he was able to breathe and carry out the basic functions and that is how he manages to survive and live with no brain.

Please spare a moment to say a silent prayer of thanks and blessings for Little Aaron, the brave fighter. God Bless.