Budget 2017 brought with itself new government policies regarding foreign investments and relaxation in taxes. Therefore, there is a speculation that this fiscal year will be much better than the last one when it comes to individual investments.

And now that we are well into the first quarter of the fiscal year 2017, it is the perfect time to plan your investments. Like it is said by Benjamin Graham, “Successful investing is about managing the risk, not avoiding it”, so all you need to do is invest wisely. Given below is a list of the best instruments that you can invest money in:

1. Real estate:

If you are looking to investing your money for a long-term and reaping the benefits of it 5-10 years later, than real estate is the deal for you. You can invest in real estate by buying anything from a land, shop to a house. (The benefit here is that you might aswell get small returns by investing here, in the form of rents).

Caution: As it’s always better to be safe than sorry, do step in only when you find the source and the real estate owner is reliable. You do not want to run here and there for legal acquisition of the land or house, right?

2. Gold

Just like real estate, investing in gold is like solidifying your liquid assets for long-term benefits. It is the age old form of investing money. But today, gold investments can be done in three different forms-

  • Physical gold: You just need to walk in to a showroom that entices you with its collections and fill your bag in.
  • Online gold exchange Traded Funds: Here you buy proportionate ownership in gold and do not actually physically own it.
  • Gold mutual funds: It involves investing in companies that are involved in mining of gold.

Caution: This is sometimes tempting because of the aesthetic value attached to it. So, strike a balance between owning it physically and just investing in it. However, it is very safe compared to that of real estate.

One of the benefits of investing in gold and real estate is that you can take loans against both of them if need be.

3. Mutual funds

It deals with investing money into stocks and bonds with the help of professionals, who make investments by pooling the savings of many investors. The investors create a diversified investment portfolio for you and monitor your investments. (You can also buy stocks and bonds on your own; just make sure you study the market well before you do so).

Caution: As a thumb of rule, stocks carry more risk compared to bonds, so choose wisely. Furthermore, when there is a possibility of higher returns, the risk is often at its peak. Hence, hold your horses and tame your desires before rolling the dice on any of your decisions!

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4. Forex

Forex is the online trading of various currencies of the world. All you need to do is buy that currency at a low price which you feel will gain the most against all other currencies and sell them when the price is high. It is just like investing in stocks the only difference being that you are dealing with world currencies here.

Caution: Though it appears to be safe and wide ranging, you should put those many fingers in your mouth which the latter can hold!

5. Company fixed deposits

They pay a higher rate of interest as compared to regular bank FD’s when looking for long-term investments. The key here is careful selection of investment period as you cannot withdraw your money before the FD matures.

Caution: It actually renders a peace of mind but can be worrisome if you are in urgent need of funds and consider breaking the deposit, thereby losing all the potential profits.

6. Bitcoins

Bitcoins are the first ever form of crypto-currency (a type of decentralised currency), which is now being accepted all over the world not only as a payment method but also as an investment instrument. The current value of one bitcoin is more than $2000 and changes from time to time. Research says that the price of bitcoin is bound to rise over the years as the currency is limited and with the increase in demand, its price will increase too. The deal with bitcoins is that it has no real value like gold and real estate, but is totally worth investing in if you can afford to take a risk.

Caution: Well, as much as tempting this looks, this option is unique and carries a greater risk, subjecting to its high possibility of liquidity in future. You never know when this option sees the likes of stupor in volatile markets.

Investment is more or less revolves around luck factor and often depends on how disciplined and knowledgeable you are in studying the market trends. Happy investing!