Making money is not easy, but there are the lot of ways present on the internet through which anyone with decent skills can make tons of money. In this post we have compiled, list of five-way you can make money online.

  • MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEO: Be it BB Ki vines, Amit Bhadana Harsh or Technical Guruji they earn lakhs of the rupee per month from youtube only. Youtube shares 55% of all the ads to the content creators.  Making and editing video is not difficult, but one thing you need to be sure about is it will take a lot of time effort. Pro Tip: Choose niche of the video to your field of interest                                                                                             
  •  SET UP A BLOG: If you are not comfortable with video, you can set your blog on any topic, and earn from it. They are many free platforms like Blogspot and WordPress, which you can use to host your website. Adsense is used to monetize content.


  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: Online shopping is a new trend in India, almost everyone use to shop online, the best part is you can leverage your friends and family online shopping habit, sign up as an affiliate on Amazon and Flipkart and you can make the ton of money if anyone buys a product using your link.


  • APP INSTALLS: You can easily make few grand of a buck by just installing few apps, there is app goes by name TaskMojo, through which anyone can earn 3000-4000 rupee per month. The best part is it is free and really easy to use. You can also use champcash and TaskBucks, but their payout is really low.                                                                                                                                                                                                 However easy it might sound, but getting regular income from the internet is still a hard thing. We hope you will earn some quick cash using these techniques, but make sure you only take this as a hobby, not as full time.