Asking for a higher package during a job interview can be tricky. So, here are a few tips on how you can handle this situation like a pro.

  1. Know the market trend – The first and the foremost thing before appearing for the interview is you should do some research regarding the present market rates for the position you are applying. This way you would be aware of what is viable for you to demand and you would not end up asking for way more than what the current market trends are.

  1. Be polite and nice – The manner in which you ask for a higher package will also decide whether you get the desired amount or not. Being too straightforward or rude can take the job away from you. Be polite and tell the interviewer that you are willing to join, but it would be nice if they offered you a bit more than what they are currently offering you.


  1. Leave scope for negotiations – Chances are that the interviewer will try to negotiate with you and try to bring your asking price down. So, ask for a bit more than what you actually want.

Caution: Don’t quote such an extremely high price that the interviewer gets irritated and ends the interview there itself!

  1. Quote exact numbers – One important thing to keep in mind while quoting your price is you should quote exact figures as to what you are looking to get. Quoting a range can make the interviewer feel that you are open to a lot of negotiations.

  1. Stay positive and looking towards the future – You should know what your request for a higher package might be turned down by the interviewer. But that is not a time to be disappointed. The key is to stay positive and see if you really want this job. If so, you can ask the interviewer if you can get a mid-year raise once you prove your calibre and importance to the company.


  1. Confidence – This one here deserves an honorary mention. Like it is said, confidence is the key to success and therefore, you should be confident about your calibre and potential. Highlight your skills in front of the interviewer and tell them in what way you can be beneficial to the company’s progress.

Walking into the interview room with confidence, a firm handshake, maintaining the correct posture, not being nervous or fidgety, etc., can be other things to keep in mind when you appear for an interview. These will get you brownie points and convince the interviewer that you are a nice candidate for the job, eventually making it easier for you to convince him/her for a better salary package.                                                                                

I hope these tips will help you in not only nailing the job interview but also getting a great salary package.

All the best!