Life becomes funny when it comes to relationships. Relationships, on the other hand, might look like a summer blush but are actually a road trip to a destination you don’t want but the other does. A partnership is a blessing if the other “special” one is right but can also become a premium source of irritation if the other “special” one decides to be an illogical crush, further making you regret.

If the latter is your case and you miss your control in life or logic from life, then boy, it is time to end the trip as it can lead to you deciding to be single forever. To let that not be a case, here is a list of 15 sarcastic ways to tell the “satan” it’s finally over, without you buying her an extra case of tissues.  Keep reading!!!

  1. “I am done doing charity now babe, time for you to resolve your daddy issues!!!” – Clean, sweep and a direct kill. This phrase makes you end your relationship with style.
  2. “I think you should start reading Harry Potter because now you will have ample amount of time.”
  3. “You’re perfect in every way, just not for me.”
  4. “I just can’t handle the distance..the distance of you from logic….Sorry, I have to make sense out of my life.”
  5. “You are not Miss Right…just Miss Right Now”.
  6. “I did a gamble with life by choosing you and now I think I made a wrong choice.”
  7. “I think my cat doesn’t like you, and I agree with my cat.”
  8. “We should try becoming friends now.”
  9. “There is something that I have been wanting to say, which is Goodbye.”
  10. “I think I cannot carry the responsibility of making you happy anymore, I gotta love myself for a change.”
  11. “You want to hear a joke, well it’s our relationship.”
  12. “Knock, Knock. Who’s there? You’re. You’re who? You’re Single.”
  13. “I think your ex is very attractive. Which one? Me…Bye”
  14. “I think I love you too much that I should let you go.”
  15. “I think our timing is just off, we should be in different time-zones now.”

Well, these plug of words will nail right where it should expect where you don’t want to now. Cool it off take give the indirect hint and drink the relationship off.