Though women are considered to be the most talkative creatures on the earth, they are considered to be most open and expressive regarding their thoughts. That being said, women do have secrets which they will never tell us Guys.

There is always a mystery that every woman hides from the guys around them. It is sometimes very difficult to understand a woman at times by most of the guys. Girl talk is really a thing because according to women, men never understand.

So, instead of wasting time in explaining them, it is better to hide them from us Men. So here are the things women will never tell men.

1. Getting hit on is what women like

Women will always deny the fact that they find it immoral when the guys tries to flatter them by their creepy actions but underneath all this complaints this kind of actions by a man actually helps them to boost their ego and they can’t get enough of this.

They might get angry or roll their eyes whenever a boy whistles or stares them but deep down they enjoy every second of this. This by no means gives licence to every Tom, Dick & Harry to stalk or harass her.

2. Women compare themselves to other women

Women always say that they are proud of the way they are but in reality a woman always compare themselves with the other woman who is in front of her. The comparison maybe for the looks or shoes, boyfriend or money but the comparison game never stops. A woman tries to copy those whom she finds attractive and more ahead of her but she will behave as if that does not matter to her in front of boys.

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3. Women too make great stalkers


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This is true that every woman at some point of her life stalks some person or the other for their personal interest. A woman stalks guys whom they find handsome and stalks the women whom she finds more beautiful than her. They will never accept this fact that they become a professional stalker most of the times so as to keep a check on the person they like or from whom they are jealous.

4. Women take time to get ready


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A woman will never tell the guy that how much time she took to get ready or to look that beautiful. They feel that it is immaterial for the guys to know that whether it took them an hour to select a dress or it took them two hours to curl her tresses because a man will be shocked to know this and somethings are better left unsaid

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5. Her BFF always knows everything

If men thinks that the vital things that they say about their lives to a woman is always kept a secret with her then he is completely living in a false world. A woman always shares all the secrets that she has with none other than but her best friend. She will always say that your secrets are safe with us but she never considers her bestie as a third person.

6. She wants the man to pay

A woman may always insist on paying on bills whenever you are out for a meal but in reality she likes it when the guy pays. She finds it to be nicer if the guy that is accompanying her pays for both of them. They might find it little rude if the guy asks her to dutch-in the money but will never ask him directly to pay. That being said, this may not apply to all women and some will strongly protest if you insist on paying for her. She has her own money and she wants to spend it. Do you have a problem? In such a case guys, just let go and go dutch or allow her to pay.

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7. Women love sex too


Women too love and crave for sex, almost as much as men do (almost being the key word here as men seem to have a lead on it). They have feeling too guys! They just don’t show it out. While men think of sex as only the physical act; women think of sex in terms of intimacy. However it is not on their mind all the time as compared to men.

They want to be loved, romanced, held close, cuddled & respected. They want you to hold their hands and go for long walks, buy presents for them, whisper sweet little nothings in their years, make them laugh, in short, the whole works. It is an entire experience for them and not simply just the act. So think again if you think your girl is all super excited to jump in the back seat of your car for a quickie.

So though it is true that women are the most beautiful creations of God, they are the most difficult persons to be understood. They do not ask for things that they really want directly but expect the guys to understand their wants. For her somethings should always be kept under wraps.