Sony’s TRILUMINOS and 4K HD TV combined with Google Android 5.0

The world of television has seen a remarkable change in the recent times with technology being upgraded to whole new levels. Televisions have penetrated homes and are an everyday part of people’s lives. The needs and expectations from televisions have increased tremendously over a period of time and thus smarter solutions are coming up which integrate the old with the new.

One such amazing product touching the lives of people is Sony’s new android TV line up. This product offers more than just an amazing experience featuring the Google Android OS- version 5.0. The television offers a whole new and rich set of features and functionalities with various google apps. Exclusive Sony features are also embedded into the products, like the Serial Abtak and Notify BRAVIA.

Variants and features of the new Sony Android TV line up

The models come in a variety of ranges starting from the 43 inch to the 75 inch size, besides having 5 new series with 13 new models. Who doesn’t like a featured look for their walls or home or the chance to choose between sizes and variations?

Google Search Engine on TV

Just imagine how would it feel to be able to talk to your TV, to be able to ask questions or search out for something? Wouldn’t it be an amazing feeling- comfortable and easy like eating a piece of cake? Well, that is what Sony holds in its offering. The Voice Search app makes it easier for users to search answers from Google search engine besides allowing users to search for content across different services.

Use the Google Play Store on you Sony Android TV

Do you love to scan the Google play store for tending games and apps? Do you like to know what people all over the world are using most on Google Play Store? Well, you can now use your Google ID and do that search on your Sony Android TV sitting back comfortably in your sofa. No need to stick your eyes for long hours on the small sized mobile screens when you can actually do that on a bigger, wider and better screen that takes care of bring it all to you.

Google Cast using the new Sony Android TV

Are you the one who wants to get back home and cast content from your laptop whose power just drained out or a smart phone with low battery onto a bigger screen and just get started without interruptions in like a jiffy? Well, look no more! The android TV from Sony gives you the option to easily cast your favorite content onto the Sony Screen.

Flick Entertainment feature to keep you undisturbed

On flick entertainment feature further takes care that you are not disturbed by your smart phone beeping around or disturbing you in causing divided attention issues while watching your favorite movie or episode but rather helps you access content quickly and smoothly.

The display quality of Sony’s TV boasts of the TRILUMINOS display and 4K LED screen having at its backend the 4K X1 Processor which helps ensure that the picture quality is simply put awesome with color accuracy and contrast providing you with an altogether different experience. Lay your hands on Sony’s new Android TV lineup and watch the difference in technology come to life and present you the best of what is trending the market.