The Nexus series has been a let down for the past three years, the Google flagship phone promised a lot in the past but failed to live up to the expectations. However, the new version which has been launched in collaboration with Huawei is a vast improvement to its predecessors, as it stands out to be a very good value for money than its previous versions.

The Nexus 6P has two benchmarks which it has to set, first one is it has to show the newest version of Android software and the second one is it should tick all the boxes in providing the ideal hardware at that price. Fortunately, the device has managed to excel in both the tests with flying colours.

However, the total build of the phone has a basic element and nothing to stylish; however, the phone is heavy due to its metal frame for the sturdy build. It is equipped with a 5.7 inch high- resolution display, a good enough 12 megapixel camera and good loud stereo speakers. The phone also brings the Chinese company, Huawei into the market.

The phone is compatible with almost all service providers and this makes the device more appealing. However, the biggest plus point with the 6P is that it provides competition to the newest flagship devices by the other brands, this device is priced at around 40 thousand rupees which is a cheap yet very good alternative if you are looking for the same features at a less price.

Shortcomings of the Nexus 6P

The 6P is not immune from drawbacks, and firstly, the main drawback is the software which is used in the newest Nexus device which is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It is not the newest version is a let down but the thing is it is neither a big improvement from its predecessor that is the Android 5.0 Lollipop. There are only minute changes such as the battery boosting feature and also a better application search toolbar. There is no stand-out upgrade to the old Android version which was a step forward for all Android devices.

The other disadvantage being, the camera is a standard one and the device does not have a whole lot of in built hardware features unlike the rest of its competitors. The camera is not as refined compared to the other flagship devices, taking into account the fact that the phone is priced at a much lower cost; this does not come as a surprise.

The other drawback which is rather very surprising and astounding is that the device unlike the other Nexus variants is not equipped with a wireless charging facility. This is a slight disappointment as it is a very handy and vital feature if you somehow forget to carry a charger with yourself. The positioning of the finger print scanner is also in a very unconventional position which will be a feature for users to get used to and is certainly not in a position of great convenience.



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