Nowadays there are many apps on a varied list of subjects on Android and iOS OS run smartphones and tablets. One of the coolest subjects where there are many apps is cookery, food and all things related to food. Food is a universally loved subject and there are many fun and innovative apps designed to help gain knowledge on the subject of food. As is the case with apps on every subject, some apps are better than others when it comes to quality and content. The following are some of the top cookery and food related apps available on smartphones and tablets today:


Top Cookery and Food Apps

· Epicurious: A top cookery and recipes app, Epicurious has thousands of recipes that are professionally tested.  There is a helpful search option with various different categories and filters to help choose the best recipes. It is a convenient app and also has a widget for “recipe of the day”. One can also create shopping lists using this app.

· Cookpad Recipes: Previously known has AlltheCooks, this app helps search for a wide range of recipes, prepare shopping lists and also add favorite recipes which helps you find your favorite recipes easily.

· Pepperplate: Another app that is really good for getting recipes is Pepperplate. This app gives recipes, helps create menus, has a planner calendar to plan menus for the week or month ahead of time and also has a Cook Now option. The Cook Now option helps while actually making the dish following the Pepperplate recipe by using timer and instructions on the app.

· BigOven: 350,000 Recipes: As the name suggests, this app has hundreds of thousands of recipes in its database. The app allows in storing recipes, create grocery lists and helps in planning the week’s menu. It recommends options for the leftovers in the fridge which helps a lot in the kitchen.

Apps by Famous Chefs

· Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minutes Meal: This is a really cool app by Jamie Oliver who is a world renowned chef.  The recipes are delicious and because it is 20 minutes meals they are easy to prepare and can also be prepared fast in a short amount of time.

· Mario Batali Cooks: For people who love Italian food, this is a great app. The recipes are easy to understand and there are photos and videos to support the recipes on this app.

· Martha’s Everyday Food: Martha Stewart is a legend in cooking and the food industry. Martha’s Everyday Food is a great app that provides with recipes and also helps prepare grocery lists.

Many people these days have many dietary restrictions and watch what they eat. There are special vegetarian and vegan apps available specially designed for people that follow such diets. There are also apps available that give recipes for only organic cooking as organic food is becoming increasingly popular these days.

The above mentioned apps are some of the top cookery and food related apps but there are plenty of other apps on this subject to choose from on App Store by Apple and Play Store by Google.