Have you ever imagined that it is possible to make breakfast in less than 3 minute?  Here are five such recipes.

Egg Bhurji

It is perhaps one of the fastest breakfasts that are healthy and tasty. Heat a little oil in the pan on the medium flame. Take two eggs and break them in a vessel. Beat it using a spoon or egg beater. Add salt, pepper and green chilies and pour the mixture on the oil. Use a spatula and keep on stirring till it becomes dry. Bhurji is one of the most popular things eaten in the breakfast. You can have it with a slice of bread or pav.

Bread butter jam

When you are not in the mood of lighting a gas stove or induction plate on a lazy Sunday morning, then the best breakfast ever is bread-butter – jam. Don’t think of calories and cholesterol for one day. Prepare a cup of steaming hot tea and enjoy the most delicious and nutritional breakfast.  Pour a spoonful of honey instead of jam to make it further tasteful.

Fried Poha

Poha is a popular breakfast in many parts of India. It is low-calorie, nutritional and gives a full stomach feeling. If you have everything ready, then it takes hardly one minute to prepare this delightful dish. Take poha in a vessel and wash thoroughly.  Soak in water and keep aside for half an hour. Take out excess water. Pour a little oil in the pan and put some mustard seeds, chopped Onion and hing.  Put poha in the pan and add salt, chili powder, turmeric, and coriander. Stir it properly so that everything gets mixed properly. Keep stirring for one minute and serve in a deep plate. A superb breakfast is ready just in a few minutes.

Doodh Poha

When you want to have something sweet in the breakfast just in one minute, “Doodh Poha” is the best item. It is also popular in several areas of India. Take raw poha in a vessel and wash properly. Soak in water and keep aside for half an hour. Take the excess water out and put soft poha in a deep bowl. Add hot or cold milk to it just like you add in cereals or cornflakes. Add sugar (or honey), cardamom powder and saffron (Optional). Mix it well and have a wonderful item for breakfast.

Dahi bhaat

Known as curd-rice, dahi-butti and many other names, it is also a quick and superb recipe for one-minute-breakfast seekers. You should have cooked rice ready for preparing this dish. Take cooked rice in a bowl. Add plenty of curd to it. Mix it well and add salt, black salt, sugar and finely chopped coriander. Stir it again and enjoy the simple, yet highly palatable breakfast.  Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds into it. Add asafetida powder and pour the oil on curd rice. It adds a great aroma and taste to it. mustard seeds add a special crunch to the dish.