Yes, it’s not new for you to pledge to start a diet and exercise to lose weight. But, you would not be reading this if you had stuck with your pledge. Anyways, it’s a familiar story and that is why this write-up will help you to discontinue your mischief and gain a body that is fit and that you will love. First of you, simply get rid of everything –or-nothing way of lifestyle. Both are hazardous and will not help you in any way.

Let’s see what we can do about your weight loss.

1. Note your cravings 

Yes, we usually are helpless when we experience cravings. Readers, simply watch how much of those salty chips you regularly devour, or that Coke you consume while you work or are simply idle. I am of course not telling you to stop all that instantly, but try to decrease it day by day. One pack a day to one in three days and one in a week and then you will definitely not miss any of those junk things. Grab those carrots or that cucumber instead and see how energetic you feel.

2. Never skip breakfast

Yes, that’s very important. I know you are in a hurry, everyone is, but, what if I tell you that you can control your weight gain if you have a sumptuous healthy breakfast?

Of course, you will love it! Remember 300 calories of a mix of whole grains and proteins will suffice; what’s more you won’t even crave for those chips and cokes.

3. Move yourself

You already know how staircase is useful for you to burn calories. However, if you live on 20th floor, you can use life for half way and continue by foot as much as you can.

That’s the way you change your lifestyle. Why get your car out every time, you can also walk to the store. Now don’t tell me you do not have the time. Plan its readers and you can do everything.

4. What for lunch and dinner?

Again those fried potatoes and burgers? Go for the veggies and that too of all colors and shapes.Switch to foods that do not have artificial sweeteners, flavoring, and preservatives. Go for whole grain foods, lean meat, fish, and proteins. However, tempting the desserts are, you can indulge in it only once in a while. I know how boring it can be after a while, but you can indulge in it only in smaller quantities and then burning the calories after eating.

Do not underestimate what water can do to your body. So drink plenty of it and helps to lose weight apart from boosting metabolism.

5. Exercise

Not every day do you need to indulge in heavy exercises, but thrice a week is perfectly all right. If you want to lose weight, exercising is essential. There are many types that will suit your health and body needs. Yoga too will help you burn the calories you have accumulated.