Undoubtedly, no other spirit has such an air of pride than Scotch. It is the drink of prestige that not only elevates your status, but underlines that you have a choice of the upper crust. Remember, the label on the bottle is a differentiating factor when it is a scotch.

Here are six varieties that are worth trying

· A Black Grouse is your best companion when you need something rich, flavored, and thick. Yes, the smoky taste gets engrossed in the mind and soul with each sip. You feel the tingling sensation of alcohol that leaves the pugmarks of the typical taste of malt. Though it is a heavily smoked brand, those who love Scotch for smoky flavor love it. Add some chilled water or a few ice cubes to multiply the taste and tang.

· True scotch lovers always look for something rare and royal. The search is endless, and there are many precious findings come across like Montgomerie’s Rare Select Island. When you pour it into the glass, the first glimpse of golden pale straw color mesmerizes the guests.  With a smooth and refreshing texture, it explodes a plethora of complex flavors that reminds you of tropical fruits with a pinch of creamy vanilla flavor.

· The copper colored elegant liquor grabs your attention when you look for an ultimate scotch. Pig’s Nose is a brand that has a different segment of scotch lovers who want to feel the smoky aroma and the crunchy fruity flavor. The diluted version adds a smooth buttery feeling in the end. It is great while neat, but superb when it is part of a cocktail.

· Single Malt whiskey has its own supremacy in terms of aroma, texture, and feelings. Particularly, it is marvelous when aged 10 years. Bowmore Isaly Scotch Whiskey comes from the core of whiskey producing areas of Scotland. This premium whiskey is for true macho men who love the smoky and smoky and smoky flavor from the top to bottom. Though there are sprinkles of vanilla and toffee in between, but it is a dark and large flavor for big and handsome men.

· When you look for a scotch that gets melted with other drinks perfectly well and still doesn’t lose its personal identity, then there is nothing parallel to Monkey Shoulder. The great scotch has a different characteristic with a coarse malty profile and a little bit harsh feeling in the beginning. However, it gets smoothened as we move forward and leaves mild traces of tangy orange oil that last just for some moment.

· Rich and creamy taste of Glen Moray Classic melts in your mouth with loads of soft creamy taste with shades of pear. The light scotch is the favorite of men because of smoky flavor. It tastes great with water or a splash of ginger beer.

When you have guests from the elite club, opening a bottle of inferior class may intimidate others. You need the perfectly aged, premium and rare brand. Yes, it is one of the most precious sprits.