Cocktails are mixed drinks that are usually made using distilled beverages such as vodka and then mixed with other ingredients. In this case you will get to learn more about vodka cocktails. One interesting thing about these cocktails is the fact that they contain more than one type of liqueur, juice or any other common flavors. Depending on the bartenders vodka cocktails will always vary in constituent ingredients this is as a result of the variation in how drinks are prepared. This is also why two different creations of vodka cocktails might end up with more or less the same name but totally different tastes.

Here is how to make Vodka Cocktails at Home:

· Vodka Soda Cocktail: This cocktail is very simple to make. You only need to mix 1 ½ ounces of vodka with soda. Once you have done this simply garnish the drink with lime and add a straw and its ready.

· Vodka and Juice Cocktails: vodka cocktails made using juice are also very easy to make. Examples under this category include the popular: screwdriver, grey hound and madras vodka drinks.

· Apple martini:this cocktail is also made of vodka together with a couple of apple juice drinks e.g. apple brandy, apple liqueur or apple cider. Apple vodka is usually stirred or shaken with a sweet sour mix and finally stained into a cocktail glass and served straight up while chill. Apple slices or cherry are used to garnish the drink.

· The fizzy apple cocktail:this drink is a mixture of apple vodka, lemonade and apple juice. What happens during its preparation is that the drink is first stirred to combine all the ingredients together into a chilled glassafter which a lemon is added for aesthetic appeal couple. The drink is served with ice and garnish.

· Vodka gimlet cocktail with mint: for this particular drink vodka is the primary alcohol volume. It is meant to be served straight on the rocks garnished with lime. All you need to do is to take 2 oz of vodka together with lime juice or simple syrup finally garnishing using lime.

· Vodka martini: commonly referred to as the vodkatini, this cocktail is also a mix of vodka, dry Vermouth and ice in a cocktail shaker and other ingredients. The mixture is stirred or shaken after which it is stained into a cocktail glass andserved “straight up!” one interesting thing about this cocktail vodka is the fact that it has not only become a common variation of the martini but also managed to supplant the traditional martini in terms of popularity.

· Blue lagoon cocktail: this is a very popular cocktail. Normally, it involves the adding of a dash of lime cordial to the mix.It is served over several ice cubes in a highball glass.

· Vodka tonic: this drink is made from varying portions of vodka and tonic water. The drink is normally garnished with lime or lemon slices and served on the rocks (poured over ice).

These are just some common vodka cocktails hence the next time you go out think about trying any of the variations you haven’t drank and try to make it at home.