With divorces at an all-time high in the country; the only ones really benefitting are the Divorce lawyers and in most cases, either one or both parties in a divorce have a lot to lose. The main reasons for the failure of marriages are the lack of time and lack of trust.

Here are six amazing ways that will help you and your partner sort your misunderstandings and lead a happily married life

1. Fall in love again
Fall in love all over again with your partner. Revisit places where your partner and you spent quality time together. Make plans for a romantic vacation together, making sure to leave behind your kids and extended family, at home. You can look at this vacation as your second honeymoon. Re-enacting the lovely moments from your dating and honeymoon days will surely put back the spark in your relationship.

2. Trust your partner
Trust is one of the most important components to a happy, healthy and nourishing relationship with your partner. It is the anchor and foundation for building a strong and loving relationship. Keeping secrets from your partner and breakdown in communication will certainly malign that relationship. Intruding on your partner’s personal space and spying on them will have a harmful effect that will break the trust in the relationship.

3. Spend quality time together.
In today’s fast moving rat race, people are so busy with traveling, work and other activities that they tend to neglect their partners. In cases where both partners are working, it becomes more difficult to find quality time to spend with each other. As time passes, people get more involved with all kinds of activities, that, they never realize the growing distance in the relationship, till it is too late. Leave from work on time. Don’t carry your work home. Switch off those phones over the weekend and spend quality time with your partner.

4. Never Hide Anything from Your Partner.
It is best not to hide anything from your partner and be transparent and truthful at all times. Secrecy, opaqueness and untruthfulness in a relation can only lead it to a dead end. It creates misunderstanding and distrust among the couples and puts considerable strain on the relationship. You and your partner are equally responsible for the success of your marriage.

5. Listen to your partner
Hearing what your partner says and to listen to what your partner says are two different things. Listening means understanding what your partner is saying or not saying. It is to understand what your partner is trying to convey even if they are not expressive in their thoughts. When your partner wants to talk to you then it is best that you stop whatever that you are doing and give them your undivided attention. Make an effort to understand the emotion behind any outbursts, sadness or happiness.

6. Get gifts for your partner
Gifts should never be restricted to Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries only. An impromptu gift with no reason or occasion will sweep your partner off their feet. Who does not like getting a gift and that to as a surprise? Choose your gift carefully, understanding your partners likes and dislikes. It may be that new game he has been talking about or the new ring design at the store; it may be a day at the spa or some sporting tickets. Gifts are always welcome and they add that extra love and zing in a relationship.