It is known that Russian brides are the most beautiful in the world. Most men who were in Russia agreed with this: many of them say that they have never seen such attractive women as in this country. So, let’s look at the most beautiful Russian actresses.

> Christina Asmus

Christina Asmus Guysworld

She is a famous actress in cinema and theatre. She became popular after filming in the “Interns”. For some time, the girl was also engaged in the modelling business. She went through a difficult casting and she got one of the main roles in the sitcom “Interns”. Cristina’s character was a pure, kind, and slightly naive girl Varya Chernous, who was not afraid of difficulties and a small salary. She began to study for a doctor to help people. Asmus herself says that she is the opposite of this character. The role in “Interns” brought the actress popularity.

> Agniya Ditkovskite

agnia-ditkovskyte guysworld

This actress is the daughter of a famous director from Lithuania and a Russian actress. She spent all her childhood in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius. When the future star was 15 years old, her parents divorced. Then the mother took Agniya and her brother to Moscow. Despite she didn’t get a higher education as an actress, she could become a popular person in the world of cinema.

> Ekaterina Klimova


Ekaterina Klimova was always fond of several activities at the same time: figure skating, knitting, and dramatic art; she is engaged in horse riding, dancing, and fluent in French. Also, the actress has absolutely not a woman’s hobby – football. In 2011, Ekaterina Klimova became the face of the trademark Garnier, later – the ambassador of the Spanish jewellery company TOUS in Russia.

> Svetlana Khodchenkova

The future actress was born in the city of Zheleznodorozhny where she lived for a long time with her mother. Because of the unstable financial situation of the family, the girl never got along with school teachers and classmates. She never dreamed to be an actress. Svetlana dreamed of a medical career. At school, she firmly decided that she would become a surgeon. However, before the final exams, Khodchenkova realized that medicine was not so nice to her. At the age of 16, she tried herself as a model. After several shows in France and Japan, the girl left the industry. After graduating from school, Khodchenkova had a clear and conscious desire to become an actress. In 2005, she graduated from the Moscow Theater Institute.

> Elizabeth Boyarskaya

Elizabeth Boyarskaya guysworld

Today one of the most beautiful actresses of Russian cinema Elizabeth Boyarskaya is hardly perceived by anyone only as the daughter of famous Russian actors. It seems that today the name of Elizabeth Boyarskaya is almost in all Russian movies and TV premieres. She is one of the most popular actresses who always gets the main roles.

> Ravshana Kurkova

Ravshana Kurkova guysworld

Eastern beauty with a penetrating look and amazing black hair Ravshana Kurkova always dreamed of becoming an actress. Parents decided otherwise, and the girl graduated from the Pedagogical University. But she didn’t leave her dream about film career: after graduation, Ravshana got a job as an assistant of the make-up artist where she was noticed by the producers. After the video-clip of the famous Russian group “Machete” where she took part, people fell in love with Kurkova hopelessly and forever.

> Oksana Fandera

Oksana Fandera Guysworld

She could shine on the covers of glossy magazines and star in movies. But no, smart and beautiful Oksana Fandera is not ambitious at all and, according to her, agrees only to those roles that don’t understand how to play. Fandera deliberately looked for roles where the appearance was not the main condition. But people still love her because she is so hot.