India is a hub of mysteries. Its ground is rich with numerous mythologies and folklores. Though the world’s interest in India revolves largely around its colourful culture, but there are some really bone-chilling and dark corners hidden among those colourful hues.

1.  The Kongka La Pass Ufo Base

The Kongka La Pass in Ladakh is located in the Himalayas. It is a disputed no man’s land between the India-China border. Both countries keep a watch over it but neither patrols it or occupies it. According to some, there are UFOs travelling in and out the area due to the lack of human interference. It’s even reported that aliens have built underground base in that area.

Rumour goes that there’s a series of gigantic flying saucers hidden underground along that Pass. Many travellers and residents residing near to that area claimed to have seen UFOs rising from the ground and descending back in. Allegedly Chinese and Indian governments are very much aware of it.

2.  The Cursed Village Of Kuldhara

For over 500 years, the village of Kuldhara was populated by about 1,500 residents. One night, they all disappeared. They didn’t die or get abducted or anything—they just left. The reason for their sudden evacuation is lost in time.

When the villagers left, they cursed the area so that no one may live there ever again. According to legend, all who tried to live in that village died a brutal death. Some of the people who have died in there are said to still haunt the village, according to paranormal investigators who have experienced some very strange events in the place. It remains deserted to this very day, and no one has even considered repopulating it for a long time.

3.  Mystery of Prahlad Jani

Prahlad is an ardent devotee of renowned Indian deity Ma Amba; who claims to live without food for over 70 years since 1940. He was even kept under 24×7 surveillance for 15 days where to everyone’s wildest surprise, he lived without food and water. Even then he had no symptoms of starvation. Scientists are yet to arrive at a reasonable explanation for this mystery.

4.  Death of Lal Bahadur Shastri

He died because of cardiac arrest, which was his fourth as per the doctors who assisted him during his Indo-Pak war ending peace meet; however his wife expresses an entirely different opinion on this. She says he never had heart issues and his body had blue marks which root towards him being poisoned. Just a day after signing Tashkent declaration, he died under mysterious circumstances.

5.  The Aleya Ghost Lights

If your travels take you to the swamps of Bengal, be careful. Apart from all the regular dangers a swampland can offer, they come with a very special brand of paranormal peril: mysterious lights that attempt to lure you to your doom.

According to local lore, they’re the souls of fishermen who died accidentally in the area, and anyone who is stupid or careless enough to approach them either dies or goes irrevocably insane.

6.  Disappearance of Subhash Chandra Bose

As sources speak, Bose died in a fatal plane crash in Taiwan in 1945. The real story was not followed by many newspapers but for what it’s worth, it is not the real story. Furthermore there was an Indian man who claimed to be Bose living in Faizabad, Ayodhya and he too passed away in 1985. He remembered quite a lot of details about Bose’s family and other relevant things and resembled a lot like him.

7.  Hanging Pillar in Anantapur

The Lepakshi temple in Anantpura stands on around 70 strong pillars that have supported its weight for centuries. However there is one particular pillar here, called the Hanging Pillar, which does not touch the ground, but hovers a few inches above it. A thin piece of paper or a stick can even be passed from under the pillar to prove that it’s actually not touching the ground.

8.  Mystery of the Roopkund lake

The biggest mystery perhaps of all of these is how the Roop Kund Lake in Uttarakhand also got the name of the Skeleton Lake. When it was discovered in 1942 this frozen lake was absolutely full of skeletons. The following summer all the ice melted and even more skeletal remains were discovered in and around it. The explanation behind this lake full of skeletons is still not clear.

According to some they are the remains of the Japanese soldiers who died of exposure, and another version of the story is that  after a sudden and violent hailstorm which wiped out an entire group of people, their dead bodies were washed off into the lake.

9.  Jodhpur’s Sonic Boom Of December 18, 2012

On December 18, 2012, a sudden loud boom was heard by the people of Jodhpur. It was a deafening sound like a massive explosion that startled people. Local people did a local investigation hoping to find a possible explanation like an airplane breaking the speed of sound etc.

But they were surprised to learn that there wasn’t any planes flying about the area that day and no explosions had taken place either. The source of the “Jodhpur boom” was a complete mystery.

10 9 Mystery men of Emperor Ashoka

Some say that this group of nine elite men is a well kept myth, while some say that it is just a circulated story but as the truth comes out, Ashoka founded this society to preserve information which can be harmful for humanity.

Every single one of them had immense knowledge about particular subjects, which they hid and carried in the form of books. These books are said to be passed on, but no one knows to whom or to where.

11.The Stoneman Mystery

The Stoneman was name given to an unidentified serial killer who killed at least 13 homeless people in the city of Calcutta in 1989. The Stoneman was blamed for thirteen murders over six months (the first in June 1989), but it was never established whether the crimes were the handiwork of one person or a group of individuals.

The Calcutta Police also failed to resolve whether any of the crimes were committed as a copycat murder. To date, no one has been sentenced for these crimes, making this one of the greatest unsolved mysteries plaguing modern metropolitan Indian police forces. There have been similar cases of serial killing in Mumbai and Guwahati also.



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