Read further at your own risk…….

Darknet or Deep Net literally means the darkest and hidden part of the web world where normal people like you and me never or maybe rarely visit. The darknet can only be accessed using the TOR software and cannot be accessed via normal web browsers.

Darknet is the anonymous, hidden, sleazy, darkest underbelly of the entire Web. This is the part of the web that is beyond the scope of popular search engines and general browsing. This is the Hidden or invisible part of the Internet not accessible to a majority of people.

It’s a hidden underbelly, home to rogues, criminals and the politically inclined and can be accessed only with the help of specially designed software. It’s a secretive place where criminals & dissidents can hide their digital tracks. It is a dangerous place, where a lot of illicit, underground nastiness occurs.

Darknet is filled will Illegal things and activities mostly available for a fee. Hitman & Contract Killers can be hired to kill someone or credit card databases can be bought for a price. Hidden blogs, hidden Wiki data, Banned videos & books and even Tutorials on how to use illegal substances & services are all to be found here.

Joining secret Religious / non religious cults, Hiring Mercenaries to attack a country, unethical Hackers, smuggled treasures and artifacts, Illegal animal products like tiger bones/claws and Elephant and Rhino tusks and horns, Weapons & Guns, Illegal Betting, Child pornography, Sexual predators on hire, Prostitution, Snuff, Human Trafficking, Slave Market, all kinds of illegal drugs, banned prescription drugs, stolen goods, Identity documents and all forms of black market can be found & Bought here. There are even whispers of Weapons of Mass Destruction and other sophisticated military machinery available for a price.

These services cannot be bought with cash or cheques but only with Bitcoins & crypto currencies. Using Credit cards here will only make it easier for law agencies to track your activity on the Dark web.        .

Often there are links that do not tell you where they are leading. There is every possibility that you may click on a link of some innocent looking content and instead land up on a page of assassins-for-hire or child pornography and then you may find the police knocking on your doors. Clicking on unknown links or links posing as safe links will put your computer in grave danger of being under malicious attack by viruses, software’s and malwares that may toast your pc.

To access this Dark part of the internet, you need to download ‘The Onion Router’ also referred to as TOR. TOR is an anonymous network of nodes that are intended to mask the user’s IP and protect the privacy of the user.

The TOR network was initially created by the US military base to communicate anonymously during wars. Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer network to conceal a user’s location and usage thus avoid detection. Yes, TOR is Free to download and use but you undertake the Dark web exploration only on your own risk.

Guysworld strongly advices that this article is only for knowledge and entertainment purposes, and in no way encourages the reader to try accessing the Deep Web. Be safe, stay safe.