65-year-old Prem Kumar of New Delhi, India, runs a food stall in Karol Bagh, where he serves Fish fry to thousands of his customers who are shocked by the way he fries the fishes. Most of them come just to watch him perform his bizarre stunt of simply plunging his fingers into boiling oil to fry the fishes.

Prem Kumar sells about 150 kilograms of deep-fried fish every day, along with other north-Indian delicacies like seekh kabab, mutton tikka, paneer tikka, and  tandoori aloo. But a trip to his eatery is incomplete without witnessing Prem Kumar preparing fried fish with his famous burn proof fingers.

“I do not fry fish with my fingers all the time, it’s only when customers ask me for it,” he said. “I normally use the tongs, but with people coming from all across India and requesting me to do hand frying, I just cannot say no.”

According to Prem Kumar, he had inherited his special skills from his father, who opened the roadside eatery in 1960. He learnt to use his fingers while frying fish by watching his father do so himself. Amazingly, the father and son duo have never suffered a single burn or blister during all these years of business and he emphasized that there’s no magic involved.

‘This is no miracle or gift of God. As a child, I saw my father doing it and got curious how he could pull off that feat. I started with dipping my one finger in the boiling oil, then two, and so on. I realised that it did not cause any burns or injury whatsoever. Over the years, I built up confidence and now it as is easy for me as breathing,” he insisted.

Prem Kumar says, ‘The people love it. They’d never seen anything like it before. People were coming from all over just to buy my fried fish and watch me use my fingers to fry it.’

Truly amazing we say…..