I woke up hearing my pet dog howling under my bed. We had buried her just the previous night.

Watching the news i reached for the remote to change the channel when the News Anchor stopped mid speech and asked me not to change the channel.

I reached home and unlocked the door just when the lights turned on suddenly even before I could turn on the switch.

I was getting late for work one morning and was trying to shave quickly. I looked in the mirror and my reflection was shaving with the right hand too. I am right handed.

No one talks to me anymore. No one meets me anymore. No one needs me anymore. No one sees me anymore. Oh why did I have to die?

I stopped to pick this stranded woman on the poorly lit highway. Her car had broken down and she wanted a lift. Well, one more for my collection.

‘Do you still love me honey?’ asked my wife as I placed flowers on her grave.

I heard the baby cry on the baby monitor and heard my wife sing to him, My wife had died during child birth.

My parents always told me not to sleep in front of the mirror and I always wondered why till one night I woke up and saw my reflection standing and looking at me from the mirror.

I hovered over my body and wondered whether I was dreaming, having an out of body experience or was I dead.

I woke up hearing my wife & children crying and someone reading passages from the bible. What was I doing in a coffin?